It’s tough to learn by oneself.

I started practising digital painting. ¬†With no one to guide, I’m doing my best by watching tutorials on you tube. ¬†haha.
Will get better with practise. I have added some of my work I did while practising.

My friend told me people like beautiful things. And making funny designs is not beautiful.
But I think, everything holds its own individuality and that is what makes it beautiful.
Some of the designs I THINK were funny. >>


Back to work. Nobody is reading my blogs though. I’m working on a story for my next blog, will sketch some scenes from it.



Whenever I look at my work, I see there is a lot of room for improvement. Need to keep working on my skills. Especially with colors.

What do I design/draw?

In the beginning , I used to draw and color on paper. I was so oblivious to what the new technology has to offer. Even now learning the tools which are there for my own use is bit difficult for me.

I lose interest very quickly and this is the reason for me being stuck with paper but hey! that’s cool too.

But I don’t draw regularly on paper that’s the problem. Too much time and I waste it on not so important things.

Well, I left my old art files when I shifted to the new place. I have a few photographs of my drawings.

Still working on my skills.
A long way to go.

Free Zeit

I want to keep creating design and art. I am not that fabulous artist who could design anything but, I do believe I can be. I just need to keep creating. I have been stuck at the same place for a long time now, I’m just trying to move forward with my art.